Can a 55 Year old Fat woman walk a half marathon?

Me NowWe are all going to see if I can do it.  On Day One, I walked out to the parking lot. Yesterday.  I made it 2.3 miles walking. And crosstrainng on a bike today, I made 3.78 miles in 30 minutes.  What do you think?

I started this adventure at 242.1 lbs.  Here was my choice then I wanted to do something for other people and not be a leech on society.

The start date was July 28 and then I had six weeks to make up my mind.  I  put in the registration fee because it is for a good cause, but I am not sure I can go the distance, which in my case will be a 13.1 mile half marathon.  I am 5′ 3 ” tall.  I have high blood pressure, sarcoidosis, some kind of blood sugar issues, panic attacks, depression,  high cholesterol, triglycerides,diverticulosis,  and exercising makes my hemorrhoids hurt like crazy. Plus I am just five years out from a hysterectomy for uterine cancer.

When I was 40 years old, I gained 75 lbs in three months. Before that time, I was merely chubby.  I weighed about 135 to 145 lbs most of the time.  But something happened that year and I gained weight.  I had always studiously tried to avoid it by running up to 4 miles a day, jazzercise, country partner dancing, hiking, and water rafting, but something changed and  I just began adding the fat and soon I left all of my regular sizes behind and ended up in Lane Bryant and the plus size departments.  Mostly Lane Bryant, because I was ashamed to shop in a regular store.

At any rate, I am now 55 years old and nothing has really changed except my health is going further down the tubes, and I truly don’t know what to eat any more.  I had just about decided to go to the MacDougall fat camp for 10 days to change into a vegetarian. Then I got the notice about Team in Training and well the price is the same.  Plus I can give myself six-weeks of personal fund-raising  to figure out if I can do this.

Can I do this thing? Tomorrow I am going to have a stress test to insure I won’t stop my heart doing this.  The thing is I miss getting out and moving around.  I miss riding the rapids, climbing cliffs, hiking down mountain trails.  Just seeing this stuff makes me thrilled with being alive.   Back when I first came to California,  I went to get an eye check and also in addition to all the things above, found out I have vitreo retinal degeneration and I had retinal tears all around both of my eyes.  The specialist told me it was a miracle that I still could see.  So then I went for about 2 months of weekly trips to him and he took a laser and ran it around the outsides of my retinas. Oh wow that hurt. It felt like someone was driving knives into my head.  But let me tell you, every sunset became special to me. I wondered whether each one was my last and I wanted to see them all.

Folks there are people out there who may have seen their last sunset and we can do something to help these people survive.  And that is why I am doing this. I have learned that life is precious and the little things do count.

Help me reach my goals folks.

And as always:
Please click here to donate to my goal of $2400 for the Half Marathon at Big Sur.


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